Job Placement FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Answers to the most commonly asked questions about job placement for dental professionals.
We are excited to announce we are now able to notify you of jobs by (Email & Text). This new technology allows our recruiters to reach out to everyone who is available and qualified for that particular job. This gives everyone the opportunity to give us a call back right away.
Will I still hear about Jobs if I don’t use email or don’t have texting on my phone?
SFDTA pays a competitive salary. Pay is determined based on experience level, travel, and the current market.
No, we do not charge our employees for working for us.
Depending on the Dental Office
There is never a guarantee of how much work will be available. As we expand our markets and our clientele, more work will be available.
No! There is no fee assessed for candidate registration.
Candidates are at will to do as they please. SFDTA never recommends a dental professional to quit for temporary positions. We work hard to keep you busy, but never have a guarantee of ongoing assignments.
Yes, we encourage our candidates to work on their days off for extra money.
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